Portrait of an Artist



Philadelphia Studio

World War II

European Theater

Peoria, Illinois

San Miguel Allende Mexico City

Later Marin Co

Larkspur, CA


  1. 1.James Kelly

  2. 2.Sonia Gecthoff

  3. 3.Vera Borzy

  4. 4.Harry Crotty

  5. 5.Harry Wood

  6. 6.Frank Milner

  7. 7.Ray Rice

  8. 8.Bill Zachas

  9. 9.Charles Safford

  10. 10.Gurdon Woods




Painter, John Lynch, came to San Francisco in 1950 in the early ferment of the West Coast Abstract Expressionist movement. He brought with him a rigorous academic training, the experiences of World War II, the influences of his San Miguel Allende teachers and a desire to challenge the conventions of painting. He and several of his friends, including James Kelly, had a studio in downtown Philadelphia. He studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art and the Barnes Foundaton. He made friends among those now known as the Dilexi artists, became a central figure in the Marin Society of Artists and left an amazing artistic legacy.

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