World War II


John was assigned to Headquarters Battery 118 F.A. Base at Fort Jackson, South Carolina as a wire man. He later switched to the Survey and Instrument section. While there he served as a bartender at the battalion officer’s club.

He moved with the division to Camp Blanding, FL. In his words, “As far as I know I was the only one in the convoy who didn’t drive... Here I also served at the bartender in the Division Club.” They were shipped to England in February of 1942. While in England he developed a commercial portfolio with hopes of doing some freelance commercial art.

Their Division landed on Omaha Beach, Fox, red on D plus 9 and switch to F.D.C. in 1945.

He received the following commendations:

E.T.O. Ribbon with five campaign stars, American Defense Ribbon, Good Conduct, American Theater, German Occupation Ribbon.

He wrote and illustrated the 118th F.A. history while in Germany after the war.

Summary of Service in WW II



Philadelphia Studio

Peoria, Illinois

San Miguel Allende Mexico City

Later Marin Co

Larkspur, CA


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