Art School in Mexico


In 1949 after receiving his B.F.A. John E. Lynch was one of a hundred accepted from 2000 applicants at Escuela de Bellas Artes, San Miguel Allende, Guanuato, Mexico to work toward a Master’s degree. John studied fresco and lithography under David Barrajas, pupil of Orozco and later studied with John Baldwin. It was here he met artist, Ray Rice. Rice was studying mural painting under Sequierros. A controversy between David Siqueros and the Syndicate of Mexican Artists caused the withdrawal of funding by the Veteran’s Administration.

In October, 1950 John entered the Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Mexico City. John worked with Jose Gutierriz, a pioneer experimenter in new mediums at that time- pyroxolin, vinylite, and silicon.

Closing an Art School



Philadelphia Studio

World War II

European Theater

Peoria, Illinois

Later Marin Co

Larkspur, CA


  1. 1.James Kelly

  2. 2.Sonia Gecthoff

  3. 3.Vera Borzy

  4. 4.Harry Crotty

  5. 5.Harry Wood

  6. 6.Frank Milner

  7. 7.Ray Rice

  8. 8.Bill Zachas

  9. 9.Charles Safford

  10. 10.Gurdon Woods