Later Work in Marin County


John’s later years found him not only prolific, but also experimenting in a variety of styles and mediums. His abstract work began to show a greater Mexican influences with the use of verticles and blacks. He worked on several series of monoprints and refined his duco enamels to show a bright gloss. Most of John’s later work is small and refined. He continued his pursuit of vertical arrangements, suggesting a line of individuals, sometimes welcoming, sometimes threatening. He directly applied duco and gained incredible variation and stippling that sometimes resembled pointillism. Despite a thick impasto, the abstracts play with the subtleties of greys, textures and multi-layering.

A day we won’t forget



Philadelphia Studio

World War II

European Theater

Peoria, Illinois

San Miguel Allende Mexico City

San Francisco and Larkspur, CA


  1. 1.James Kelly

  2. 2.Sonia Gecthoff

  3. 3.Vera Borzy

  4. 4.Harry Crotty

  5. 5.Harry Wood

  6. 6.Frank Milner

  7. 7.Ray Rice

  8. 8.Bill Zachas

  9. 9.Charles Safford

  10. 10.Gurdon Woods