The Studio on Walnut Street


John Edward Lynch was born in Philadelphia on July 14, 1914. The eldest of five boys and one girl, he had to quit high school at fourteen and went to work for Adam’s Express, because of his father’s illness. In his early 20s he met some like-minded aspiring artists while taking classes at Philadelphia Art Museum School. They opened a small studio on Walnut Street and lived the life of young Bohemians. They also took classes together at the Barnes Museum and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. He had a gift for dynamic portraits and moody landscapes.

Also among the young artists in that studio was James Kelly, John's best friend. Later John would invite Kelly to join him in San Francisco and there Kelly launched a successful art career beginning as a teacher at the California School of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Kelly married well known artist, Sonia Gettchoff. When Kelly and Getchoff moved out of their artist flat on Filmore Street, Joan Brown moved in.

Four Young Artists



European Theater

Peoria, Illinois

San Miguel Allende Mexico City

Later Marin Co

Larkspur, CA


  1. 1.James Kelly

  2. 2.Sonia Gecthoff

  3. 3.Vera Borzy

  4. 4.Harry Crotty

  5. 5.Harry Wood

  6. 6.Frank Milner

  7. 7.Ray Rice

  8. 8.Bill Zachas

  9. 9.Charles Safford

  10. 10.Gurdon Woods